Meet Andrew

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for checking out this website. “Power House Custom Computing” has been the name for my IT business ventures since I filed the DBA/Assumed Name back in 2014 in Madison County, IL. when I lived in Wood River, IL. At that time, I was doing subcontracting work for a Point of Sale company as a 1099 Subcontractor. It was basically IT Support and Point of Sale Terminal Installations and Networking.

When I got Married to my Beautiful Wife Stephanie in July 2015 she began helping out when possible, but in November 2015 we moved back home due to a family emergency, and we’ve been living up here ever since.

I continued to operate as a Sole Proprietor from Irving, IL. while I was driving to work and back. When we first moved back up north, I got a job as a Blanker Operator at a Paper Cup factory, and after getting bored (more on this later) of that I decided to spam out resumes everywhere to get back into the IT Field.

I finally got my first W2 job as an IT assistant working at a small rural bank, spearheaded many projects that needed done as the bank was WAY behind in their technology, and definitely was not running optimally. I spearheaded and then more recently Litchfield, IL. ever since. I have worked as a Full time Cup Blanker Operator for a Factor that makes Paper Cups when we first moved back home because I needed a quick form of income to replace the work that I wasn’t really able to drive down and do every day at that time.

Here at Power House, our mission is to help enable our clients using technology that’s already available without having to write a ton of custom code or software for something to work. While we can work with developers, once you begin to bring custom software into the mix, things just become more convoluted and confusing. The goal is to help reduce that stress on our clients, and help them achieve their Business Goals with our IT Solutions.