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Digital Signage is a form of communication using electronic dynamic display (as opposed to traditional signage, using static tin/wood/paper display). Digital Signage has evolved in the past two decades from a platform that can be afforded almost exclusively by the Largest Companies, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, Restaurants, Churches, Arenas, etc. into a common way to communicate with visitors and customers. With our solution, we can make changes easily for your business on the fly.

How Can Digital Signage Benefit Your Business?

  • On the fly content updates and changes: Our Solution is cloud-based so we can make changes on the fly.
  • Improved guest engagement: Increases your brand awareness. By providing a different and unique experience, your guests are more likely to remember your store and recommend you to others – your digital signage can play a huge part in this.
  • Get Social: Digital systems are easily accessible to change the content being displayed. Take full advantage of this by promoting your social channels! Digital signage solutions are a great way for raising awareness of your online presence, and encouraging social engagement.
  • Company Wide Messages: If you own a business with multiple locations, you can easily get messages out to your employees on the fly.
  • Custom Content: We can professionally create your digital content like menus, company informational messages, and business ads.
  • Professional Installs: Your Digital Signage will be Professionally Mounted and Installed.
  • Outstanding Support: We take pride in our outstanding customer support. When you have an issue, we make it easy to contact our team so you can get the solutions you need when you need them the most. Just email support@powerhouseil.com with a description of your issue, and a ticket will be opened for you.

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