Managed IT Services

The traditional method of IT support is called “Break-Fix”. When it breaks, it gets fixed. This means you are waiting until your server, computer, or other critical network device breaks or has a problem, then you call out to a Third-Party IT Company that scrambles to fix it. Break-fix is reactive only, slow to respond, inefficient, and costly. Think about this: How much productivity would you lose if your primary piece of tech just died? Let’s say that the IT company was near enough, and had all the parts on hand that it could be repaired in one hour. How much would that one single hour cost your business?

There is a better way: Managed IT Services.

How are Managed IT Services Different?

  • Managed IT Services are proactive – In most cases, We know about an IT problem before our clients do, which lets us address it quickly and efficiently. Down time is significantly minimized, saving you money.
  • Managed IT Services are organized – We will develop and maintain a plan for your technology. Because technology changes so rapidly, we update your plan on a consistent basis, so you know what to expect a year, three years, and five years to come.
  • Managed IT Services are responsive – Nothing is worse than a slow response. We understand that time is money. With Managed IT Services, there is no calling or submitting a ticket and waiting hours or even days for a response. Our team will respond and begin working on your issue immediately.
Picture of a Network Operations Center

Issues with Break-Fix

Break-Fixes are reactive – Break-Fix IT companies wait until after the problem has occurred to do anything. Now, your systems are down and all you can do is wait for a solution. Downtime equals lost revenue.

Break-Fixes are costly – Break-Fix IT companies are not incentivized to fix the problem the first time. The more problems you have, the more money they make. They are counting on you to have problems.

Break-Fixes are frustrating – When a company has IT problems, it affects the entire company. The staff get frustrated, the administration gets frustrated, downtime is costly, and issues can even spill over to your clients if you can’t meet deadlines or you have a security threat hit you.

Break-Fixes are disorganized – Most Break-Fix IT companies don’t have a plan for your technology, which means higher costs, more downtime, and more frustration for you.