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Welcome to the Support Center

This page is designed to help you access your essential account information. We have also added some easy to use online tools. This section will always be updated to better accommodate our customers' needs. The best part is that you don't have to be an existing customer to take advantage of this page!

Run a Speed Test

Using SpeedTest, you can see information such as your Download/Upload Speed, How fast you get a Ping Response, and how much Jitter (I measure of the variability in your Ping over time) is Present.

WHOIS Lookup

Use this tool to find information on (and possibly who owns) a specified domain (like powerhouseil.com)

What Is My IP Address

An External IP address is your Entire Local Network's identity on the Internet. An IP Address is assigned to your network by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

What's My DNS

When you make a change to your DNS record for your website, it takes time for that information to change across the globe. This tool allows you to check where in the world your DNS changes are available.

M365 Training Center

Not really a Tool, but definitely a resource you don’t want to pass up if you want to learn about Microsoft Office, and how to use each program in the Office Suite.