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You might be wondering “How exactly does VoIP work?” or “How is it that VoIP is so much better than traditional Analog Phone Systems?” Well, here’s a short explainer video!

The Future is Remote!
VoIP Enables Businesses to adapt to a Remote Workforce.

Our cloud-based phone solutions deliver better audio quality than traditional analog phone systems. You can count on Power House Custom Computing to provide smart phone solutions and reliable service that will take your business to the next level.

And just like no single solution fits everyone, we believe that no single VoIP solution is perfect for every single Vertical! This is why we partner with multiple VoIP Vendors, each has their strengths and weaknesses.


Nation-Wide AND Multi-National Communications for amazingly low rates? Net2Phone is your Solution! Backed by IDT, Net2Phone is uniquely positioned to offer World-Wide Communications without breaking the bank!


Unified Communications is the name of the game. Nextiva is evolving to be one of the TOP Unified Communications Providers in the Industry!

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